Nexium medication

Nexium is a drug that is used to cure heart burn or any other pain and discomfort that is caused by heart burn, or any symptom that is caused by the back flow of acids in the stomach. Nexium can also cure the damage that is caused by acid flow, a condition that is referred to as erosive esophagitis and duodenal ulcers. Even though Nexium is the best cure for hurt burn, it tends to treat some people better than others. This drug performs its duties by reducing the production of acids in the stomach.

If you are suffering from persistent heart burn, Nexium is the best drug that can relieve your pain. Nexium comes in a capsule form and should be swallowed whole. Only a single capsule per day can relieve you from your problem completely. Do not try to open, crush, or even chew the capsule. Before you take Nexium it is advised that you visit your doctor to find out if you are suffering from a problem that can be treated by Nexium such as acid reflux disease. This is because only your doctor can confirm if truly the lining of your esophagus is already damaged by the stomach acids. If your heart burn is due to stomach acids then Nexium is the best medication that can give you the best results in not more than eight weeks.

Nexium’ results are different to different people. This is because it works differently depending on the patient's age and the condition that is being treated. Nexium should be taken at least an hour before having the main meal. If you miss a dose of Nexium you should not double it on the next dose, skip it but if it is not too late you can take it when you remember. However, ensure that you go back to the regular schedule. Nexium should be kept out of reach of children at a room temperature and in a tightly closed container. Nexium’s side effects cannot be anticipated. Just like in other drugs it also has side effects that occur differently to different people though it is advised that you report to your doctor immediately when you develop serious side effects to this drug.

Generally, all drugs have side effects but what is expected from a patient is for him to decide whether to take the medication or not. Some of the Nexium side effects include headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, trouble breathing, dizziness, vision problem and difficulty in swallowing. Other patients have also reported cases of hair loss while under this medication. Before taking Nexium you have to be completely informed to enable you understand how it can affect your health. Visiting a doctor is also important before beginning Nexium’ medication because he will decide whether Nexium is fit for you and he will also give you advice you on how to cope with its side effects that may occur during treatment. Note that Nexium must not be taken by the patients who have allergic reactions to it.