Have you heard about a common ailment known as acidity? Well, if you have, then you must know that it is one of the most common issues which a normal person faces from day to day. The acidity issues can occur for a variety of reasons; most common of which include a bad habit of eating, lack of punctuality of having dinner and other meals, various chemical reactions in the inner lining of the stomach as well as numerous other simple reasons.

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So, to treat this kind of acidity issues, most of the doctors and physicians tend to prescribe the medications which are composed of magnesium and other alkaline elements. On similar grounds, in this article, we are about to discuss a medication which has found itself as one of the most widely prescribed medication to cure the symptoms of acidity and numerous other gastrointestinal disorders.

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What is this medication of Nexium?

Nexium is a type of proton pump regulator which is used to regulate and prevent the excessive amount of production of acidic products in the inner lining of the stomach. One of the most crucial ingredients of Nexium is known as esomeprazole magnesium, and it is the one who is responsible for neutralization of all the acids present in the stomach.

So, what is the difference between the brand name and generic name of Nexium?

Well, to be precise, there is a slight difference between the generic as well as the brand names of a medication. In this case, the generic name of Nexium is known as esomeprazole magnesium which also happens to be one of the most crucial ingredients of the medication.

However, if you want to buy this medication from the Pharmaceutical stores or market, you will have to ask for the brand name of the medication other than the generic name.

The brand names for this medication are known as Nexium.

But, if you ask about the difference between the generic medication as well as the brand medication, there are some of quite a few differences which are noticeable.

First of all, the generic medications are quite cheaper as compared to the branded ones. This is because the generic medications have a constant amount of concentration and do not come along with any kind of Huge pharmaceutical company.

Whereas, on the other hand, the branded medications have a wide variety of concentration which can be used for adults as well as adolescent children and is much more expensive than the generic ones.

What are the most of the common diseases which are cured with the help of medication of Nexium?

Although Nexium is a medication which is responsible for the treatment and cure of the symptoms caused by the acidic formation in the stomach, yet it has been seen that there are several other diseases which can be cured with the help of a dosage of Nexium.

Following are some of the diseases which have been found to be corrected with the help of a treatment regimen of Nexium or esomeprazole magnesium:

  • GERD which is also known as Gastroesophageal Reflux disease.
  • Diseases which involve the secretion of excessive amounts of acidic products such as Zollinger Ellison syndrome.
  • Apart from this, some of the doctors and physicians also prescribe Nexium for the treatment of erosive esophagitis which is a situation in which the oesophagus of your stomach is depleted and corroded due to the presence of acidic products.
  • Some of the doctors and physicians also prescribe Nexium to treat various ulcers of the stomach which are caused due to the bacterial infections caused with bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori, E.coli, H pylori or due to the presence and use of various nonsteroidal drugs which are of anti-inflammatory nature.

What are some of the important instructions which a person should follow before starting the treatment procedure of Nexium or esomeprazole magnesium medication?

Being said about all the diseases which are treated by the help of Nexium or esomeprazole magnesium, it is very important that you know about every precaution which should be carried out before starting to consume this medication.

It is true that there are numerous medications which do not cause any kind of side effects or medical complications, yet, it has been seen that most of the medications which are related to the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses tend to instigate various medical complications within the body of the patient.

Hence, it is prescribed by most of the doctors and physicians that you should read about all the instructions mentioned on the medication label before starting to consume it. Apart from this, you should also consult with the pharmacist and chemist regarding any other kind of uncommon side effect which you might feel after the initiation of the treatment procedure.

Being said that, following are some of the crucial questions which should be followed before the initiation of the treatment procedure of Nexium:

  • It has been seen that the consumption of Nexium or esomeprazole magnesium can lead to the symptoms of kidney disorders. Hence, if you are feeling any kind of problems regarding urination or discharging your stool, you should inform your doctor or physician at the earliest without fail.
  • There have been instances where after the consumption of Nexium, the patients got blood in their urine. This is a symptom of the kidney as well as gallbladder disorder, and it is very important that you inform your doctor or physician about this side effect as soon as possible.
  • It has been clearly mentioned on the medication label of Nexium that patients who are a regular user of Nexium have faced a disorder of diarrhea. Hence, if you feel any symptoms related to diarrhea and lose motions, you should contact your doctor at the earliest.
  • Apart from this, the regular consumption of Nexium or esomeprazole magnesium tends to weaken your joints and bones. Hence, it is suggested by most of the doctors and physicians to consume extra supplements of calcium during the treatment procedure of Nexium to prevent any kind of bone fracture.

What is Nexium Tablets Used For?

Nexium is a medication that is often prescribed to treat a variety of gastric acid problems. Nexium belongs to a group of medications called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) that work by reducing the amount of acid produced by the stomach. It is therefore an effective treatment for heartburn, duodenal ulcers, erosive esophagitis, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux.

Most of these conditions involve the regurgitation of stomach acid up the esophagus. This can damage the esophagus so badly that erosive esophagitis can occur.

A duodenal ulcer is a sore in the lining of the duodenum that does not heal without medication. This type of ulcer is usually caused by the H. pylori bacteria. A doctor will have to prescribe an acid-suppressing drug like Nexium, and a course of antibiotics, to enable the ulcer to heal properly.

Nexium is also used to treat the rare disorder known as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. This condition is characterized by tumors in the pancreas or duodenum. These tumors increase the production of stomach acid which can cause duodenal ulcers. The tumors can be cancerous and may spread to other parts of the body.

Nexium comes in the form of a slow-release capsule that is taken once a day, therefore providing long-lasting relief to all the above-mentioned gastric conditions.

Side-effects are minor and are usually temporary. If any uncomfortable symptoms persist while using Nexium, consult your doctor.

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Heartburn Medications May Increase Susceptibility to Ischemic Stroke

PPIs or proton pump inhibitors that are extensively used to bring down the acid in stomach to treat heartburn may increase the susceptibility to ischemic stroke. It is stated in a preliminary research which was presented at American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2018.

PPIs may contribute towards unhealthy vascular functions. They may lead to heart attack, dementia or kidney disease, says Thomas Sehested, M.D., study lead author and a researcher at the Danish Heart Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark. He adds that they are trying to figure out if PPIs could also enhance the risk of ischemic stroke as they are extensively used by the general populations.

What is Ischemic Stroke?

Ischemic stroke is the most common kind of stroke. It occurs when clots block the regular blood flow in or to the brain.

The study involved the analysis of 244,679 Danish patients. The average age of the patients was 57 years. They had undergone endoscopy. It was observed that in about six years of follow up, about 9,489 patients had suffered an ischemic stroke for first time. It was discovered that the stroke occurred when patients used one of the four PPIs namely omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), esomeprazole (Nexium) and pantoprazole (Protonix).

What researchers discovered:

Taking PPIs increase the stroke risk by about 21 percent.

In the patients who take the lowest dose of the drugs, there was a little or no increase in stroke risk.

In the patients who take highest dose of these four PPIs, the risk of stroke increased by 30% for lansoprazole (Prevacid) to 94% for pantoprazole (Protonix).

The research also discovered that taking another acid-reducing medication called as H2 blockers, like ranitidine (Zantac) and famotidine (Pepcid) does not increase any risk of stroke.

When compared with the non-users, it was discovered that PPI users were older in age and suffered from many health issues like atrial fibrillation at baseline (3.4% vs. 3.8%). The study kept in perspective gender, age, as well as medical issues like high blood pressure, irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation), heart failure and use of pain relievers that were related to stroke and heart attack.

The authors are hopeful that their study and the previous studies will help people exercise caution over the use of proton pump inhibitors. Today, many of the PPIS are available over the counter in the United States of America.

There was a time when PPIs were considered as safe and believed to have no side-effects. The study has put the cardiovascular safety of PPIs into a tight spot.

The study failed to establish any link between stroke and H2 blockers. But, it is not clear if these drugs are better than PPIs in such patients.

The doctors must be very cautious while prescribing PPIs in elderly patients.

Limitations of the study

There were several limitations of study that include the observational design that failed to figure out the causes and effects and facts like the participants were white. According to the author, the random controlled trial of proton pump inhibitor and CVS diseases are warranted.

Healthy Stomach

Stomach is approximately one liter carrier or bag used by body to digest food for your health and fitness. It is muscular in nature. When we are eating, the food passes through the esophagus and then intestines but storage usually occur here. Its inner lining is composed of glands that secrete digestive enzyme and required acid. Stomach s very important in our health but we need to take precautions since it is faced by a batch of health hazards.

Healthy Stomach

In this article I will focus on stomach cancer and to be more specific adenocarcinoma cancer. It is based on inner glands of the stomach .This problem is spread all through the stomach wall and to some extent the adjoining organs. The following symptoms can be used to detect unfit stomach.

The most common one is painful abdomen and fatigue. As the growths spread, path for the passage of digested food is blocked. This is associated with terrible pain and serious vomiting. This negatively affects fitness. Damage in form of perforations can also be caused. The symptoms for this are usually sudden pain but only in rare occasion.

Anemia is lack of sufficient blood in the body. The cancer can cause this because the tumor formed can be a cause of blood shed. If this happens frequently the outcome is most likely anemia. The symptoms of this problem include fatigue. The patient feels lightheaded.

Colon has several glands within its tissue. Normally, the glands found in colon are tabular in shape. It is mixed with water absorbing cells and mucus .You may be wondering why I am using gland and not organ. There is a distinct difference following the fact that glands secrete some digestive fluids such as bile to the colon.

Glands also have a task of absorbing water back to the body from waste. This is critical since our bodies strongly need water for fitness sake. Lubrication is also done by the glands to dehydrate ravage. I have explained some of functions of glands to show how cancer can cause harm by affecting some of those organs. It means that all those activities will be disrupted.

All the same we can avoid this problem by taking all the necessary precautions. One of the greatest weapons to fight cancer is usually proper dieting. With the changes that have occurred in the world, the eating habits have completely changed. As a result, almost every item or food we eat is associated with some form of defections. This is mainly based on manufactured and processed food. To avoid some of these diseases we can embrace natural foods.

Concluding, it is important to have often stomach cancer screening. It is believed that early detection of the problem can be solved easily. The other thing that is essential but many people do not bother checking is the type of cancer that run in your family tree. It is believed to have some heredity factor and so it is worth doing this research .You should inform your physician of such known history to give him a chance to spot the exact treatment for the sake of your health and fitness.

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